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DNNP011 Software VisionApp 360 plugin

Available on request.
This plug-in for uniVision software makes it possible to combine height profiles from up to 16 2D/3D profile sensors at a single control unit. Thanks to the convenient user interface, the sensors can be synchronized and calibrated by means of simple parameters configuration instead of programming. The combined height profile can then be evaluated with the uniVision Profile software. The plug-in can be ordered by simply sending a request file to wenglor customer support. This file is created with the click of a mouse using the plug-in interface. The license key is hardware-specific, meaning it can only be installed on one piece of hardware.

General Data

Use for 2D/3D Profile Sensors
for control unit
Version 1.4.4
Language EN
Licensing model License key


Display software yes
Evaluation software yes

System requirements

Minimum resolution 1,280 × 1,024 Pixel

Operating System

Linux yes
Operating instructions
Soft- and Firmware
Soft- and Firmware

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