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Width Measurement of Steel Strips via 2D/3D Profile Sensors

When manufacturing strip steel, the exact width of the strip must be ensured. If the strip is too narrow, the edges will not touch and there will be no welding seam. If the strip is too wide, the material will be compressed too much. To carry out this measurement with micrometer accuracy, several 2D/3D profile sensors are installed in a line above the steel strip. There, they measure the glossy strip with measuring frequencies of up to 6,000 Hz. If a tolerance value is exceeded, the strip stops immediately. Vibrations and ambient light have no influence on the accuracy of the measured data.

2D/3D Profile Sensors

Sensors of this type measure profiles of objects such as weld seams or glue beads and check roundness or gaps using laser triangulation. Red or blue laser light, open interfaces and various performance classes are available.

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