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Sustainability in the wenglor sensoric group

Sustainability and environmental protection are two key factors that play a central role in day-to-day decisions, product developments and corporate governance. wenglor is already taking a variety of measures to contribute to a sustainable and livable world.

Power Generation

via PV system and CHP

Geothermal Energy

for heating and cooling

Climate Neutrality

this is our goal by 2045

CO₂ Emission Savings

in the area of business trips

Working Together for a Sustainable Future

wenglor develops innovative solutions for sensor and image processing technologies that help customers to implement automation processes and positively transform the industry. Since our foundation in 1983, we have been aware of our economic, ecological and social responsibility for a better future and are taking various measures to achieve this goal. With this comprehensive package of measures, the company-wide guiding principle of “weGreen – innovations for a better tomorrow” ensures a strong environmental awareness among employees, customers and suppliers.
The 3 pillars of sustainability – economy, environment and social responsibility – are closely linked and play a crucial role in shaping a sustainable future. To achieve this, ecological, economic and social goals must be considered equally. At wenglor, the three pillars are included in the corporate philosophy and are taken into account in all areas of the company as well as by employees and decision-makers in their day-to-day work.

Sustainable Business Practices

We work in a high-tech and fast-paced industry. To safeguard the existence of the wenglor sensoric group for the long-term, the focus is on the development of new and innovative products. Our goal is to offer our customers product solutions for a wide range of challenges in the manufacturing industry. We achieve this by recognizing our customers’ potential needs and problems to provide them with standard products for use across a wide range of sectors and industries.

wenglor produces and develops its sensor and image processing technologies at seven locations in Europe: Tettnang (Germany), Unterschleißheim (Germany), Berlin (Germany), Sibiu (Romania), La Chevrolière (France), Perth (Scotland) and Belgrade (Serbia). The materials for the products are procured in-house and wenglor uses its own sensors in the production process. The close collaboration between the various departments ensures that high-quality and durable products are produced. Our knowledgeable sales representatives are in direct contact with our customers, enabling them to recognize their needs and problems. With our worldwide sales offices in various countries, we are in a position to better serve our customers globally.

Environmental Protection

wenglor has set itself the goal of reducing the consumption of resources – from product development and production through to the end product and its distribution. Awareness of sustainability is reflected not only in product development and marketing, but also in the offices, the company restaurant foundersClub and the wenglor buildings.

Sustainability Measures in the Divisions

Social Commitment

wenglor is a second-generation family-owned company that places importance on reliability, takes responsibility for its employees, values trusting relationships with customers and business partners, and supports regional associations through sponsoring.

wenglor for the Society

wenglor promotes social progress and is involved in selected social projects in the areas of education, environment, culture and innovation. wenglor provides financial or material support for collaborations with universities, higher education facilities and institutes, or through sponsoring local associations or organizations. Find out about current donations and sponsoring campaigns on our Instagram channel.

Thanks to our company founder Dieter Baur, we are actively involved in the Lions Club and provide regular financial support to the club and its diverse range of projects. The Lions Club supports people and organizations with solving social, health and cultural challenges.

wenglor as an Employer

Family is of great importance to wenglor in many respects: “the innovative family” stands for respectful interaction with each other and a sense of family among wenglor employees worldwide. Ideas are the basis for new innovations, which is why wenglor has an “InnovationBox” where wenglor employees can contribute their ideas.
Safety at the workplace and the prevention of accidents are top priorities for wenglor. To guarantee a pleasant working environment, wenglor ensures compliance with applicable legal regulations and standards for a safe and healthy working environment.

Our occupational health promotion covers a wide range of topics: It ranges from occupational health checks, the offer of vaccinations and various sports courses, to professional treatment and advice from physiotherapists and a series of lectures on various topics relating to health and work-life balance, as well as ergonomic workplace design.
As a family-owned company, wenglor places great importance on the balance between family and career. Employees benefit from digital communication channels, financial support for childcare and flexible working time models. wenglor also offers employees future-proof jobs and is committed to social projects in the areas of education, the environment, culture and innovation.
wenglor promotes the personal and professional development of young people and offers a comprehensive range of technical and commercial apprenticeships, dual study programs, internships and student traineeships. Young girls have the opportunity to take part in the annual Girls’ Day and get to know technical professions.
wenglor employees can participate in further training courses that are directly related to the work they are doing. Further training is used for the ongoing professional development of employees, internal training is offered to expand the existing specialist knowledge.

Woman riding bicycle
As a top employer in the SME sector, wenglor employees benefit from voluntary benefits for each individual. These include, for example, leasing bicycles and e-bikes, mobile teleworking and online conferences, as well as freshly prepared food and drinks from the region.

Sustainable Development Goals

Within the framework of Agenda 2030, the United Nations has defined 17 Sustainable Development Goals, which include the protection of the climate and the environment, the more efficient use of scarce resources, respect for human rights and fair working and production conditions. wenglor is guided by these sustainability goals and is already taking measures to achieve the goals that are relevant for wenglor. wenglor actively contributes to the implementation of these development goals through innovative solutions, partnerships and social commitment.
wenglor is committed to providing a healthy and safe working environment for its employees. This includes promoting mental health and personal development, as well as ensuring a safe working environment. Various sports activities, physiotherapy and a healthy and balanced menu in the company restaurant contribute to the well-being of employees.
wenglor offers young professionals a wide range of technical and commercial apprenticeships, as well as dual study programs. wenglor also takes part in the annual nationwide Girls’ Day and offers girls in the fifth grade and above fascinating insights into a wide range of technical apprenticeships.
Energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly – the products from wenglor feature intelligent shut-off devices and reduced current consumption to help us and our customers reduce energy consumption and save precious resources. wenglor also relies on renewable energies for heating buildings and thus contributes to a clean environment.
wenglor strives for sustainable economic growth and guarantees employees at its production and development locations as well as at its sales offices fair and humane working conditions and fair remuneration.
Innovations are the basis for the development and manufacture of wenglor products. wenglor promotes the research and development of innovative solutions for standard applications as well as special solutions in order to be able to solve customer-specific applications.
wenglor’s products are resource-saving, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. In addition, the products are characterized by high quality and durability. Negative impacts from industrial production and products are avoided.
wenglor actively takes measures to contribute to a clean environment. Most of the electricity is generated from renewable energy sources and CO₂ is saved in the area of business travel by holding online events and meetings. We are also switching to more sustainable product packaging.
Fairness is a top priority at wenglor and the well-being of the innovative family is of utmost importance. wenglor therefore opposes the development, manufacture or sale of products that directly serve military or weapon technology purposes.
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