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Technology that moves in over three decades of wenglor sensoric. On this interactive journey through time, we researched deep into wenglor’s archives and have tracked the history of the company since the eighties – starting in an attic and growing into a global corporation.
  1. 1983

    Dieter Baur
    Similar to Apple founder Steve Jobs, visionary Dieter Baur tinkers on his first prototypes in his garage. The reputation for producing the finest technologies spreads further and further and the company’s advancement soon becomes apparent.

    Company founder Dieter Baur
  2. 1985

    Transforming a Small Business into a Major Enterprise
    wenglor’s first project is a complete success: The sanitary sensor designed for DAL brings the first contactless toilet flushing system to public washrooms.

    Company founder Dieter Baur
  3. 1987

    wenglorz Becomes wenglor
    With the similar-sounding name ending (“wenglor” and “sensor”), the company creates its own sensor category and presents itself with a stylish and confident image at INTERKAMA 87 in Düsseldorf. To this day, the name wenglor stands for “made in Germany” innovation and quality.

    Company founder Dieter Baur
  4. 1988

    World First: Red Light Sensor
    HN22 is wenglor’s first sensor with red light and background suppression. Special feature: The visible red light serves as a precise and easy-to-use adjustment aid. Interference factors can be removed from the scanning area for the first time using background suppression. Initially ridiculed by the competition, this technology is still regarded as standard by almost all providers today. 

    Company founder Dieter Baur
  5. 1989

    Expansion – New Company Building
    A fire destroys large parts of the first company headquarters in the district of Gemertsweiler in Tettnang. Despite the setback, the company opened a new company headquarters in the Oberhof district, generating record sales of DM 3 million with 50 employees.

    Company founder Dieter Baur
  6. 1991

    Precision Laser Light Barrier
    wenglor advertises its new laser light barrier with trade advertisements: Objects as fine as a hair can be reliably detected. Publications like these arouse curiosity among the target group, who want to take a closer look – at the Hanover Fair, which is considered the main technology trade fair.

    Company founder Dieter Baur
  7. 1994

    Top 100
    Just ten years after the company was founded, the demand for skilled workers rose rapidly and reaches a record of 100 employees in 1994.

    Company founder Dieter Baur
  8. 1997

    Smallest Sensor in the World
    The innovative wenglor K-type is considered the smallest and most powerful sensor at this time. Due to its small size of 22 x 32 x 12 mm, it is still the best-selling optical sensor design today. The success makes waves: The first branch office outside of Europe is opened in the USA.

    Company founder Dieter Baur
  9. 2002

    Expansion to Romania
    In addition to the numerous international subsidiaries, a second production site is added in 2002: In Sibiu, Romania, not only will numerous product groups be produced in large quantities from now on, but product concepts will also be made ready for series production in our own research and development departments.

    Company founder Dieter Baur
  10. 2005

    Industrial Image Processing
    wenglor develops a vision sensor in which optics, lighting and storage media are integrated into a compact housing. With this sensor, which is considered the first Smart Camera, it is possible to record, digitize and transmit various query criteria simultaneously via standard interfaces. The image recording quality is used in the production of vital vehicle components such as airbags from leading automotive manufacturers.

    Company founder Dieter Baur
  11. 2007

    Competence Center Germany
    A new warehouse, logistics, training and production center in Tettnang offers an additional 4,500 m² of usable space and new prospects for the company. The modern company center not only combines expertise on-site, but also sets new technological standards through geothermal energy, photovoltaics and thermal insulation. 

    Company founder Dieter Baur
  12. 2008

    New Industries, New Markets
    wenglor develops a new V4 stainless steel product series for the special hygiene requirements of the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries, which is resistant to aggressive chemicals and the use of high-pressure cleaners. With a new sales record of 49 million euros, wenglor enters the imminent global economic crisis stronger.

    Company founder Dieter Baur
  13. 2009

    Innovation Instead of Crisis
    Thanks to high investment in research and development, wenglor engineers succeed in creating a real masterpiece. With wenglor interference-free technology (wintec), a photoelectronic sensor is created during this time of crisis, which will be recognized as a top product at the Hermes Award in 2011. 

    Company founder Dieter Baur
  14. 2010

    New Decade: Next Generation
    Fabian and Rafael Baur take over the management as the second generation. This year, wenglor achieves a new record sales volume of 53 million euros with over 500 employees. 

    Company founder Dieter Baur
  15. 2013

    the innovative family
    wenglor focuses on the strongest brand values and creates a new and distinctive image for the company’s 30th anniversary. As part of the changeover, Mikroelektronik GmbH and its expertise in the field of 2D/3D sensors is integrated into the group of companies as wenglorMEL.

    Company founder Dieter Baur
  16. 2015

    Innovation Worldwide
    The high demand for sensor and image processing technologies not only ensures innovative product solutions in 2015, but also further growth in Germany and abroad. With the founding of two subsidiaries in Malaysia and Brazil, wenglor is further expanding its international business locations – to a total of 23 subsidiaries and 740 employees in the wenglor group.

    Company founder Dieter Baur
  17. 2016

    Innovation in 1D, 2D and 3D
    The 2D/3D profile sensors included in the weCat3D series are expanding the range of image processing technologies to encompass the third dimension. These sensors make it possible to detect three-dimensional objects and output them using point clouds. Standardized interfaces enable the quick transfer of digital data for subsequent visualization and µm-accurate evaluation.

    Company founder Dieter Baur
  18. 2017

    New Production and Development Center in Sibiu 
    The new production and product development center is opened in Sibiu, Romania, thus expanding floor space at our own smart factory to 5,000 square meters. Thanks to its enormous capacity, fully automated production lines are able to meet the growing demand from the global automation industry for new sensor and image processing technologies. 

    Company founder Dieter Baur
  19. 2018

    100% wenglor – 100% Family Business
    The wenglor sensoric group is fully family-owned. After more than 35 years as managing director, company founder Dieter Baur has retired with his wife Barbara Baur and has now fully entrusted the management of the company to his sons Fabian and Rafael.

    Company founder Dieter Baur
  20. 2019

    uniVision – The All-in-One Software
    The software development division was expanded in 2017 with another subsidiary in Samara, Russia, and expanded by a software expert team in Tettnang in 2019. With the uniVision 2.1 release, the wenglor group introduces specially developed software for 2D and 3D sensors.

    Company founder Dieter Baur
  21. 2020

    Strong Partnership Against Global Warming:
    wenglor is cooperating with CLIMEWORKS to help reduce CO2 in the atmosphere. The Swiss start-up company has developed future-oriented technology that removes carbon dioxide from the ambient air, which is then converted into climate-neutral substances (such as carbon). Through this sustainable partnership, wenglor is actively committed to combating global warming by recovering 15 tonnes of CO2 per year – which corresponds to approx. 73,500 km in a medium-class petrol vehicle.

    Company founder Dieter Baur
  22. 2021

    Growth and Expansion in Challenging Times
    The long-term corporate strategy ensures growth even in times of crisis. Not only is the headquarters in Tettnang being expanded to include state-of-the-art research and development buildings, but also the location of the subsidiary wenglorMEL, which is famous for the production of 2D/3D sensors, in the district of Unterschleißheim near Munich. A total of 10,500 m² of floor space will be created on six floors to offer room for further typical wenglor innovations in the future.

    Company founder Dieter Baur
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