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P3PC301 Laser Distance Sensor Triangulation

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These laser distance sensors work with a fine red light beam and a high-resolution CMOS line. They determine the distance between the sensor and the object by means of the triangulation principle. Thanks to the integrated TripleA technology, the sensors offer high precision, temperature stability and material independence. This means they deliver accurate results even with objects of different materials, colors and shapes, as well as in fluctuating light and temperature conditions. The intuitive operating concept simplifies initial start-up and makes the sensors versatile all-rounders.

Optical Data

Working Range 60 ... 660 mm
Setting Range 60 ... 660 mm
Reproducibility maximum 550 µm
Reproducibility: 1 Sigma 30 µm
Linearity Deviation 900 µm
Switching Hysteresis  < 0.5 %
Light Source Laser (red)
Wavelength 655 nm
Service Life (T = +25 °C) 100,000 h
Laser Class (EN 60825-1) 1
Max. Ambient Light 20,000 Lux
Light Spot Diameter see Table 1

Electrical Data

Supply Voltage 18 ... 30 V DC
Current Consumption (Ub = 24 V) < 50 mA
Switching Frequency 650 Hz
Response Time  < 0.5 ms
Temperature Drift < 50 µm/K
Temperature Range -30 ... 60 °C
Number of Switching Outputs 2
Switching Output Voltage Drop < 1.5 V
Switching Output/Switching Current 100 mA
Short Circuit Protection yes
Reverse Polarity Protection yes
Overload Protection yes
Interface IO-Link V1.1
Baud Rate COM3
Protection Class III
FDA Accession Number 2310674-000

Mechanical Data

Setting Method Teach-In
Housing Material Aluminum, anodised
Plastic, ABS
Degree of Protection IP67
Connection M12 × 1; 4/5-pin
Optic Cover Plastic, PMMA
Weight 69 g

Safety-relevant Data

MTTFd (EN ISO 13849-1) 720.35 a


PNP NO yes
IO-Link yes

Adjustable parameters

Output Error Output
Circuit NC
Other parameters Exposure time
Laser light
Switching hysteresis
Teach-in mode
All other parameters can be found in the product documentation.

Standards and certificates

B_SYM_CE_01.pdf B_SYM_CE_01.pdf B_SYM_CE_01.pdf B_SYM_CE_01.pdf B_SYM_CE_01.pdf B_SYM_CE_01.pdf B_SYM_CE_01.pdf

Table 1

Working Distance 60 mm 360 mm 660 mm
Light Spot Diameter 1,5 mm 1 mm 0,5 mm

Connection Diagram

Ctrl. Panel

06 = Teach Button
5a = Switching Status Indicator, A1
68 = supply voltage indicator
6a = Switching Status Indicator, A2

Dimensioned Picture

Dimensions specified in mm (1 mm = 0.03937")
1 = Transmitter Diode 2 = Receiver Diode Screw M4 = 1 Nm
M5 screw = 2 Nm

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Initial start-up instructions
Operating instructions
Product description file
Product description file
Interface protocol
Interface protocol
Declarations of Conformity / Approvals
Product certificates
Product certificates

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