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wenglor uniVision 3 – Parameterization Meets Programming

wenglor uniVision 3 is software for setting up wenglor machine vision products for solving tasks in the field of machine image processing. The data evaluation can be flexibly designed with a graphical user interface via the modular software structure so that a wide variety of tasks such as code reading, completeness checks or position detection can be carried out individually. In addition to simple parameterization, programming is also possible by integrating HALCON scripts from MVTec’s HDevelop software.

Everything in a Single Software

The entire world of wenglor uniVision 3 software revolves around the intelligent processing of graphic data in the field of industrial image processing. In combination with smart hardware, the configurable and optionally programmable uniVision 3 software solves all digital tasks in industrial image processing – quickly, easily and flexibly.

The Advantages of wenglor uniVision 3 Image Processing Software

The graphical interface for operating the uniVision 3 machine vision software.

Intuitive Parameterization Software for Solving Complex Image Processing Applications

wenglor uniVision 3 is a comprehensive and intuitively designed parameter configuration software which enables automatic data evaluation for image processing tasks. It is operated via a graphic interface and configuration instead of conventional programming – the perfect low-code software for beginners and image processing professionals!
  • Numerous modules that can be parameterized easily
  • Templates for simple standard tasks – the most important modules are saved and linked in the template job to reduce complexity and initial start-up time      
  • Fast and flexible application solution without programming knowledge for simple standard tasks – parameterization knowledge and basic image processing knowledge are sufficient
  • Easy operation via drag & drop and adjusting parameters
The graphical interface of the HALCON module in the uniVision 3 machine vision software.

Comprehensive Toolbox for Individual Job Design

The wenglor uniVision 3 Machine vision software toolbox contains numerous software modules which can be used to extract information from the recorded data or for further processing of results.
  • Modules can be used flexibly thanks to individual arrangement and linking of data in the job
  • Modules can also be used multiple times for more complex applications
  • The same modules can be used on different platforms
  • uniVision Assistant supports the setup of the most important modules 
  • Modules 1D code, 2D code and image-based pattern matching use the robust and high-performance algorithms of the current HALCON 22.11 image processing library

Universal robots and Profinet interfaces of the uniVision 3 machine vision software.

Common Industrial Interfaces for Easy Integration

Thanks to the common standard interfaces such as network, PROFINET and Robot Vision (UR), wenglor uniVision 3 machine vision software can be integrated quickly and easily into any infrastructure – whether PLC, robot or application-specific software.

Web-based and platform-independent result display for machine operators in uniVison 3.

Flexibly Adjustable Web-Based Visualization

wenglor uniVision 3 machine vision software offers a web-based and platform-independent results display (web-based operator interface) for machine operators without the need for software knowledge. This means that the relevant information for every application and uniVision job can be flexibly and individually visualized – all results at a glance.
  • Results are displayed directly in the image, e.g. as an overlay
  • Results can be displayed on any device with a browser, regardless of platform
  • Individually adjustable visualization according to the requirements of the machine operators
  • Ready-made visualizations available for each template
Simple initial start-up and adjustment via uniVision Simulator on the PC.

Simple Initial Start-Up and Readjustment via uniVision Simulator

A large amount of good and bad data is required to fine-tune a uniVision job during initial start-up or for readjustment during operation. These images can be easily captured and annotated using the Teach+ function. The uniVision Simulator enables location-independent and time-independent setup and optimization of the uniVision job.
  • Various good and bad images recorded with the uniVision product in a Teach+ file
  • Test and simulation of the Teach+ file in the uniVision Simulator – without network connection (offline) or interruption of the system
  • Easy expansion of good and bad data, e.g. with other Teach+ files 
  • Optimized job loaded onto the uniVision product – quickly and easily 

wenglor uniVision 3 – High-Performance Modules and Functions

Compatible Hardware

The uniVision 3 machine vision software works on the following wenglor image processing products.

Smart Cameras B60

B60 smart camera with auto-focus and C mount

wenglor uniVision 3 with Smart Camera B60

The smart cameras from the B60 series combine the recording and evaluation of images in a compact and robust housing. Combined with the modular software concept of wenglor uniVision 3, which enables programming via HALCON scripting in addition to parameterization, the B60 cameras are the most high-performance solution for industrial image processing.

Software Packages

The wenglor uniVision 3 machine vision software offers three different high-performance software packages for use with smart cameras from the B60 series. The scope of functions of the B60 camera can be expanded at any time with the help of license-based upgrades.

The overview shows the modules included in the respective license package in blue; modules that are not included in the license package are shown in gray.













License Upgrades

The modular wenglor uniVision 3 software can be expanded with the following license upgrade packages at any time.

Overview of Important Downloads

Software wenglor uniVision 3.1.0
Software wenglor uniVision 3.1.0 (235 MB)

wenglor uniVision 3 software enables the parameterization of uniVision products. The software is modular, with a flexible structure. Vision applications can be mastered in just a few steps thanks to templates and intuitive operation. The common software platform for camera-based products reduces training, support and induction requirements.

Software Versions

B60 smart camera C mount body

Software Release wenglor uniVision 3.0.0

  • Operation, parameterization and result display for the Smart Camera B60 C mount
  • Flexible programming options by loading HALCON scripts with the wenglor uniVision Script license package
  • Robot interface to UR 


The tutorials provide an in-depth insight into the wenglor uniVision 3 software and its operation for the various image processing products.
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