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Smart Camera B60 – Next Level Machine Vision

The smart cameras from the B60 series combine high-performance intelligent cameras for industrial image processing with the powerful uniVision software. In addition to the proven advantage of a smart camera of combining image recording and evaluation in a single housing, the B60 offers optimal performance and modularity. 

Powerful Hardware – Unique Computing Power and High Modularity

  • First-class performance with significantly improved power compared to the commercially available smart cameras provides solutions to complex image processing tasks that could previously only be resolved with PC-based vision systems 
  • Variants with auto-focus or C mount ensure that the image processing system can be individually tailored to the application challenge
  • Tool-free and fast installation of lighting modules, filters, lenses and other additional components makes setup easier and optimizes image recording

uniVision 3 Software – Modular Principle and Easy Parametrization

  • Wide range of pre-defined projects (templates) for easy and fast solutions for standard applications, e.g. reading codes, checking for presence, detecting patterns and much more
  • Extensive module collection with adjustable and freely deployable modules in variable order and quantity per project
  • Easy-to-use image processing tools paired with individual programming

HALCON Interface – Individual Programming Like a Tailored Solution

  • If setting parameters is not sufficient, the seamlessly integrated HALCON image processing library from MVTec offers unlimited possibilities in the creation of the individual image processing algorithm
  • Independent programming of scripts in HDevelop to solve complex special applications
  • Unlimited linking of parameterized modules and HALCON procedures
  • uniVision Script software package enables the HALCON scripts created in HDevelop to be loaded

Already using HALCON?

Overview of the Smart Camera B60 Features

B60 C Mount

B60 Auto-Focus

3 License Packages – the Right Camera for Every Application


  • Inspection/sorting tasks
  • Quality/characteristics/color testing
  • Position tracking
  • Positioning and orientation
  • Blob analysis
  • Presence/completeness check
  • OCR

uniVision Extended

  • 1D/2D code reading
  • Image-based pattern matching

uniVision Script

  • HALCON script

The Advantages of the Smart Camera B60 at a Glance

Robust Design with High Modularity and Connectivity

  • Modularly expandable housing design for tailored solutions to meet the challenges of a wide range of machine vision applications
  • Degree of protection IP67 thanks to protective tube and optional connector covers for use in harsh industrial environments such as image processing applications in conjunction with dust or water
  • Industry standard M12 connector plug for easy installation in existing systems; separate connection (Gigabit Ethernet plug) for Power over Ethernet (PoE) so that only one cable is required for parameterization and data transfer
  • High degree of integration thanks to numerous industrial interfaces: Network, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, Robot Vision (UR)

All Possibilities of a Vision System in the Format of a Smart Camera

  • Tool-free and quick-change lighting modules for auto-focus variants (white, IR, RGBW)
  • Individual and flexible adaptation of the lighting color via software when using the RGBW module (for changing test objects) 
  • Magnetically mounted filter for tool-free attachment to illumination and optics  
  • Easy connection of external illumination to minimize the effects of ambient light for C mount variants
  • Optional heat sink for regulating heat dissipation in high-performance applications

Button – Setup and Alignment Made Easy

  • Short press: Simple image capture for setup and initial start-up of the smart camera
  • Longer press: Activation of the visual field marking (laser pattern, display of the horizontal image center and visual field) for initial alignment of the optics and setting of the working distance when starting up the machine vision smart camera without software
  • Long press: Activation of the Localize function for fast location of the smart camera in the wenglor Discovery Tool software – especially when there are several devices in the network

Everything at a Glance Thanks to Visual Status Indicators

  • Simplified condition monitoring – especially in large industrial plants – by displaying the device status via LED strips visible on both sides (e.g. in the event of accidental adjustment)
  • Clear I/O status indication via six LEDs for easy function monitoring during operation (e.g. checking the switching settings, configuring the device or programming the control)
  • Real-time output of the status of the inspected objects with two-color test object status LED (green for good parts, red for bad parts); Makes setup and validation of image processing applications easier (e.g. checking for false positive or false negative results for fine adjustment of the camera)

High Performance and Lightning Fast Auto-Focus

  • Durable Piezo auto-focus for fast and silent focus
  • Enables reliable reproducibility of set positions
  • Two different aperture angles (narrow and wide) to cover the most common application scenarios in machine vision 

Keeping the Situation Under Control at all Times – Smart Camera with Gyroscope

The gyroscope installed in the Smart Camera enables reliable condition monitoring of the Machine Vision device. The position of the camera may be accidentally adjusted during cleaning or maintenance. The position sensor detects the unwanted position deviation and outputs this via the device status LED. This makes it easy to locate the source of the error – i.e. the incorrectly set camera. 

Lighting Options for Every Application

The highly modular smart camera B60 offers optimal illumination for every application area – in the auto-focus variant with integrable illumination modules and also as C mount with freely selectable and easily connectable external illumination.

Lighting Modules for B60 Auto-Focus that Can Be Changed without Tools

Different applications often require different lighting colors. Special lighting modules have been developed for the smart camera B60, which can be securely attached in just a few simple steps thanks to the built-in thread – without the need for screws or tools! 

Key benefits at a glance

  • Identical lighting modules in different lighting colors (white, infrared, RGBW) for optimal adaptation to the ambient conditions of the application in question
  • Illumination color of the RGBW illumination module can be adapted individually via the uniVision software
  • Matching magnetically mounted filters are available for all lighting modules

Plug and Play – Easily Connectable External Illumination for B60 C Mount

A wide range of matching Machine Vision illuminations is available for the B60 C mount devices, which can be connected directly to the camera and trigger sensor via a connection cable and a Y-connector. They also have a built-in flash controller.

Key benefits at a glance

Robot Vision with the Smart Camera B60

The URCap interface enables direct communication between the smart camera and robot systems of Universal Robots without programming knowledge and effort. Pick-and-place applications can be solved quickly, easily and flexibly without having to develop interfaces or use other hardware such as PLCs. Professional calibration targets and predefined calibration routines enable precise calibration in just a few steps and save the effort of converting camera coordinates into robot coordinates.


Tutorials provide a deep insight into the setup and operation of the B60 smart camera.
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