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Miniature pressure sensor campaign motif

weFlux²micro – Smallest Format, Highest Performance

With the innovative weFlux²micro pressure sensor in a miniature housing with a diameter of 14 mm and a small M5 threaded connection, wenglor makes it possible for the first time to use high-precision pressure sensors in very confined mounting spaces and compact system components – in short, anywhere where the pressure measurement of liquids and gases was previously technically impossible. 

The Advantages

Comparison of the miniature pressure sensor with a battery 1

Measure Where Others Reach Their Limits

  • Laser-welded housing with Ø 14 mm made of stainless steel 316L for harsh environments
  • Lightweight (13 g) for ideal use on moving components such as robot arms and suspended machine parts
  • Standard process connection with M5 thread
  • IP68 degree of protection for harsh industrial applications
  • Wide pressure range from –1 to +25 bar
Miniature pressure sensor for lubricant monitoring on valve blocks 3

Quick and Robust in a Compact Combination

  • Fast response time of 1 ms
  • Small measuring error of ≤1.6%
  • Analog 4…20 mA output signal for perfect integration
  • No external analysis module required
  • Positive-locking segmented cable compression for increased protection against tensile and rotational loads

weFlux²micro – Small Sensor, Wide Range of Applications

Miniature pressure sensor in hydraulic and pneumatic clamping systems 1
Hydraulic and pneumatic clamping systems are used where workpieces, fixtures or machine elements need to be securely, quickly and reproducibly connected to machine tools or robots. The pressure inside the cylinder must be closely monitored during the clamping and unclamping process. For this purpose, a pressure sensor is integrated in the miniature housing, which detects the resulting pressure change. Due to its very small design and low dead weight, it is possible to place the sensor directly inside. The analog output signal is forwarded to a higher-level control system.

Miniature pressure sensor for lubricant monitoring on valve blocks 2
Automated lubrication systems are used to lubricate ball bearings, chains, gears and linear guides. This increases efficiency and safety. For this purpose, grease is pumped to the desired position under pressure via a pump. The lubricant reaches the distributors via the main line with up to ten very small outlets. For each outlet, one of the tiny pressure sensors (Ø 14 mm) monitors the pressure of the medium at the lubrication point in the tightest of spaces. The sensor reports the line’s functional capability status to the higher-level control system with an analog signal.

Miniature pressure sensor for vacuum monitoring during suction
Printing plastics or metal in 3D printers produces harmful fine dust, gas, smoke or combustible dust. These pollutants must be extracted from the pressure area in a controlled manner, filtered and disposed of in order to protect the safety of the workers. For this purpose, a vacuum is generated in the pressure chamber. This partial vacuum must be continuously monitored by a pressure sensor. Due to its low housing height of only 22 mm, the pressure sensor in miniature design is ideally suited for installation in compact 3D printers. 

Product Overview

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wenglor has an extensive product portfolio in the field of fluid sensors. 
You can find more information in our weFlux² fluid World of Innovations!
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