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2D/3D Profile Sensors
weCat3D for Height Profiles

2D/3D profile sensors measure objects 360° all the way around, precisely control the positions of robots and inspect surfaces accurate to the exact micrometer. The advantages of wenglor sensors: Performance and diversity. This allows 3D measurement tasks to be recorded and transferred precisely, efficiently and reliably.

How Do 2D/3D Profile Sensors from the weCat3D Series Work?

2D/3D profile sensors from the weCat3D series use the principle of laser triangulation to create 2D height profiles and 3D point clouds. Diverse external interfaces guarantee fast integration of weCat3D sensors into complex systems, while uniVision software can be used to create tailor-made system solutions.

Various model variants enable precise resolution in a compact housing design (MLSL) and unbeatable profile quality thanks to optimized high-quality optics (MLWL) as well as use in harsh welding applications (MLZL) and cleaning-intensive washdown areas (stainless steel).

Immerse yourself in the different areas – or see the 2D/3D profile sensors in action in our application films!

weCat3D Sensors in Action

Quality Assurance of Plastic Profiles

The Belgian company Deceuninck uses wenglor’s intelligent image processing solutions to check the quality of manufactured products such as door and window profiles – precisely and fully automated.

Weld Seam Inspection of Passenger Car Components

The Canadian expert for robotics, Bluewrist, fully automatically checks the weld seams of passenger car components such as doors, tailgates or structural components with 2D/3D profile sensors.
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