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SEMG415 Safety Light Curtain Set Hand Protection

available from stock
These safety light curtains confidently solve all basic tasks. The basic function protection mode, restart inhibit and protection monitoring are standard and can be easily configured. The protective field always extends up to the end of the housing without protrusion. As a result, protection is easily provided even in confined installation conditions. The adequate mounting angle ZEMX001 is included in the delivery.

Optical Data

Range 0.25 ... 14 m
Housing Length (L) 762 mm
Safety Field Height (SFH) 787 mm
Resolution 30 mm
Light Source Red Light
Wavelength 630 nm
Max. Ambient Light 10,000 Lux
Opening Angle ± 2.5 °

Electrical Data

Sensor Type Set
Supply Voltage 19.2 ... 28.8 V DC
Response Time 9.1 ms
Temperature Range -25 ... 55 °C
Storage temperature -25 ... 60 °C
Number of safety outputs (OSSDs) 2
Safety Output Voltage Drop < 2.3 V
PNP Safety Output/Switching Current 300 mA
Number of Signal Outputs 1
Signal Output Voltage Drop < 2.5 V
Signal Output/Switching Current 100 mA
Short Circuit and Overload Protection yes
Reverse Polarity Protection yes
Protection Class III

Mechanical Data

Housing Material Aluminum
Disc Material Polycarbonate
Degree of Protection IP65/IP67
Connection M12 × 1
Cable Length 300 mm

Safety-relevant Data

ESPE Type (EN 61496) 4
Safety Category (EN ISO 13849-1) 4
Performance Level (EN ISO 13849-1) PL e
PFHD 1,60 × E-8 1/h
Mission Time TM (EN ISO 13849-1) 20 a
Safety Integrity Level (EN 61508) SIL3
Safety Integrity Level (EN 62061) SILCL3

General Data

Scope of delivery Mounting ZEMX001
Scope of delivery (Emitter; Receiver) SEMG515; SEMG615


Hand Protection yes
Scope of functions Basic function

Standards and certificates

B_SYM_CE_01.pdf B_SYM_CE_01.pdf B_SYM_CE_01.pdf B_SYM_CE_01.pdf B_SYM_CE_01.pdf B_SYM_CE_01.pdf

Connection Diagram

Ctrl. Panel

03 = Error Indicator
52 = OSSD ON
82 = Acknowledgement Request
94 = Diagnosis
96 = Diagnosis/Signal weak
97 = Diagnosis/Contactor Monitoring
98 = Diagnosis/Synchronization
04 = Function Indicator
64 = Diagnosis/Test
95 = Diagnosis/Large Detection Range

Dimensioned Picture

Dimensions specified in mm (1 mm = 0.03937")
1 = Emitter 2 = Receiver 3 = Ctrl.Panel

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CAD data receiver
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Product certificates
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