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Quality Control of Printed Logos and Recognition of 2D Codes on Euro Pallets with weQube Smart Camera

Wooden Euro pallets are marked with the EPAL logo for easy recognition. In order to be able to check the quality of the printed logos, a smart camera is installed on the side of the transport route directly after the printing process. This checks and evaluates whether the logo has been completely printed at the same time. An additional Smart Camera then immediately identifies a 2D code (QR code or DMC) on the wooden pallets for clear traceability. If the Smart Cameras find a defect, a signal is output to trigger the ejection process.

Smart Cameras

Smart cameras combine numerous image processing functions such as the detection of colors, patterns or shapes, the recognition of fonts and symbols as well as the decryption of 1D and 2D codes. Image recording and evaluation are integrated into a compact housing, which is available in the auto-focus and C mount variants.

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