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Product Highlights of the weQube B50

The weQube range with auto-focus or C mount lenses offers users a wide range of possible applications. Supplemented with different software modules, the camera hardware enables recognition of font and characters, differentiation by shape, color or position, pattern matching or scanning of 1D/2D codes.

Smart Hardware with Integrated Software

The smart cameras and vision sensors B50 can be operated as a complete system in combination with the configurable machine vision software uniVision. Corresponding license packages equip the B50 hardware variants with the software modules required for specific applications.

The Hardware Packages

  • Integrated auto-focus or C mount threaded connection
  • Image chip color or monochrome
  • Light sources white, red or infrared
  • Ethernet or Industrial Ethernet (PROFINET/EtherNet/IP™) protocols

The Software Packages

  • weQubeVision – the standard image processing package or standard plus pattern matching
  • weQubeDecode – the scanning package
  • weQubeOCR – the character recognition package
  • weQube – the Smart Camera – all modules in one
weQube technology hardware optics


weQube with auto-focus detects objects after simply clicking a button in the software and focuses the lens automatically. The smart camera is distinguished by its unique combination of integrated illumination, optics and auto-focus in a single compact housing. There’s a weQube version with C mount threaded connection for applications involving objects at considerable distances. This permits convenient mounting of commercially available lenses with larger focal distances.
weQube technology hardware light sources

Light Sources

weQube with auto-focus can be equipped as desired with white, red or infrared light integrated into the housing. We offer external illumination with various light sources for the hardware variant with C mount threaded connection.
weQube technology hardware image chips

Image Chips

weQube is available with two different types of image chips: color or monochrome. Whereas the color chip is ideal for applications which differentiate amongst colors, the monochrome chip with gray scales makes it possible to implement colorless applications which are operated at high speeds.
weQube technology hardware protocols


weQube is capable of real-time communication in three protocol languages. Both the Ethernet variant and the PROFINET / EtherNet/IP™ variant assure extremely fast data transmission. The latter can even be switched back and forth between PROFINET and EtherNet/IP™.

Features and Benefits of the B50 Camera

Many adjustments can be made on the spot via the menu-guided, graphic display – from quickly adapting the camera to the application to displaying the current measured values. This makes the B50 camera a highly functional and intuitive all-rounder.
The uniVision Machine Vision software complements the intuitive operation of the B50 hardware. It provides a multilingual and individually adaptable menu navigation and interface and offers an environment for parameterizing and diagnosing the camera. Individual results can also be easily combined in the software.
The setup wizard enables the following settings to be carried out directly via the display of the Smart Camera:
  • Reteach six freely selectable parameters
  • Save and load the sensor configuration
  • Define the start-up project
  • Switch between different projects
  • Create Teach+ files by simply pressing a key
  • Change network settings
  • Change password
  • Carry out basic display settings (language, orientation, display intensity, display mode)
All relevant information at a glance: The following five display templates are available, which can also be customized as required:
  • Network (display network status for TCP/IP, FTP and PROFINET / EtherNet/IP™)
  • Text (describe display with four lines of freely selectable, variable or static text)
  • Status (display the switching statuses of the six digital I/Os)
  • Numeric (link a text line and a bar graph to parameter data via the PC software)
  • ​​​​​Match code (compare current parameter content with a previously specified value)
Red and green LEDs provide clear visual feedback on the test result.
 Thanks to numerous industrial interfaces, the weQube B50 camera speaks the language of a wide range of industries and can be integrated optimally into new and existing systems. 

The following interfaces are included in all hardware packages:
  • Ethernet TCP/IP
  • PROFINET / EtherNet/IP™
  • RS232
  • Six freely programmable, digital I/Os
  • Encoder input
  • FTP server and client
Thanks to its platform-independent web server, the B50 camera can be controlled via all formats and end devices and enables users to carry out numerous settings regardless of their location.

The following settings can be made via web server, among others: 
  • Display of live images
  • Reteach six freely selectable parameters
  • Save and load the sensor configuration
  • Define the start-up project
  • Switch between different projects
  • Create Teach+ files by simply pressing a key
  • Change network settings
  • Change password
Particularly in application visualization, the focus is on ensuring that users see exactly what they want to see. An open protocol based on XML was developed for individual integration into the existing system, the components of which can be easily and clearly integrated into the system individually or together using the modular principle.
  • Suitable graphic representation of weQube data without excessive effort.
  • Targeted selection from a maximized scope of functions.
  • Easy integration into existing systems thanks to XML-based interface protocol.
Teach+ enables quick and location-independent project adaptations without machine downtime. Neither direct network access by wenglor, nor interruption of ongoing projects is necessary: From the camera view, the project settings are stored in a Teach+ file. Once wenglor’s experts have received the file, they can optimize the settings according to customer requirements.

The process at a glance
  1. Save and transfer project data at the touch of a button 
  2. Send file to customer or wenglor support 
  3. Processing of the project data at wenglor
  4. Receive and upload updated data at the touch of a button
There are numerous ways to test the B50 camera without obligation. 

The Machine Vision Software uniVision can be downloaded and tested free of charge. Pre-prepared templates enable the templates to be loaded and parametrized for various industries and applications.

Numerous functions are also explained step by step in comprehensive tutorials. This makes setting up the weQube Smart Camera child’s play. 

From the mounting system to the replacement protective screen to the connection cable – a wide range of accessories are available for the B50 camera hardware.
  • Replacement protective screen
  • Protective screen with integrated pole filter
  • microSD card
  • Practical mounting system
  • Connection lines in various lengths (M12×1,12-pin to open end)
  • Connection cables in different lengths (M12×1, 12-pin to M12×1, 12-pin; M12×1, 8-pin to RJ45)
  • Connection module (M12×1, 12-pin to trigger/illumination)
  • Interface cable (M12×1, 12-pin to RS-232) 

The protective housing for weQube with auto-focus from the hygiene product range permits use in hygienically sensitive industrial environments. The laser-welded housing made of noncorrosive stainless steel 316L fulfills the demanding requirements specified for IP69K protection. The product design ensures ideal draining of liquids from the surface.

The protective tube which has been specially developed for the weQube with C mount prevents incorrect mechanical adjustment of the lens.
weQube technology benefits

The B50 Camera System – Overview of Technical Features

weQube Smart Camera
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