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Presence Check of Goods on Scissor-Roller Conveyors via Sensors for Roller Conveyor Systems

In logistics centers of online mail order companies, objects such as dark packaging, cartons, bags or pouches must be reliably detected on flexible scissor-roller conveyors in order to ensure a continuous flow of material and avoid congestion. For this purpose, special sensors for roller conveyor systems are installed between the rollers, which automatically switch off unused roller segments due to integrated accumulation logics. This significantly reduces energy consumption and maintenance costs. Thanks to the NFC interface, the sensors can be conveniently configured in de-energized state via an app.

Reflex Sensors with Background Suppression (for Roller Conveyors)

Reflex sensors with background suppression work with infrared light in accordance with the principle of angle measurement. Background suppression makes it possible to reliably detect even black objects on conveyors. The working range can be adjusted using the scaled switching distance adjuster.

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