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Precise Rack Positioning of Rack Feeders in High-Bay Warehouses with Vision Sensors

Heavy goods and fluctuating temperatures can affect the dimensional accuracy of metal structures in high-bay warehouses. In order for the rack feeders (RF) to be able to store and unload containers precisely over the alleys, which are up to 40 m high, precise rack positioning is necessary. For this purpose, a vision sensor with external lighting is mounted on the rack feeder on each side, which enables precise positioning via hole detection on the metal struts in the X/Y direction. The vision sensor detects holes of different sizes in single and double depth using a pattern matching software module.

Vision Sensors

Vision sensors include numerous image processing functions for the automation industry. From simple presence checks to color and shape recognition, the counting and sorting of objects, these sensors are used for quality assurance – even in real time via Industrial Ethernet.

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