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Position Detection of Bags on a Conveyor Belt with Retro-Reflex Sensors

For the distribution of small objects such as bags on conveyor belts, it is necessary to detect their position along the entire conveyor belt width in the direction of transport. This is the only way to ensure that the speed of the belt can be adjusted and the objects conveyed correctly to the next station. To this end, several retro-reflex sensors with focused laser light, which do not influence each other, are mounted above the conveyor belt between two belts. The reflectors are located in the gap between the belts. All switching signals are collected via connection boxes and further processed via a control system.

Retro-Reflex Sensors

Retro-reflex sensors for roller conveyors work according to the through-beam mode. Light is sent to a reflector mounted opposite the sensor that is then reflected back. If the light beam is interrupted by the object on the conveyor, the sensor is switched. The use of red light enables even shiny and black objects to be detected.

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