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Measuring the Unwinding and Winding of Films on Rollers with High-Precision Laser Distance Sensor

Coated, high-gloss films are used to manufacture batteries. In order to detect their level on winding devices, high-precision laser distance sensors measure the exact distance – regardless of shape, color or surface. In this way, it is precisely determined on the unwinder how much material can still be unwound; on the rewinder, it is determined how much space there is available for material on the roller. The film is wound or unwound at a speed of up to 10 m/s for coating. The measured values are output via Ethernet interface and further processed.

High-Precision Laser Distance Sensors

High-precision laser distance sensors work according to the principle of angle measurement, whereby color, shape and object surface do not influence the measurement. Depending on the setting, they can be operated at very high speed or resolution. The measuring range can be selected individually within the sensor’s working range.

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