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PNBC distance sensors

High-Precision Laser Distance Sensors with EtherCAT Set New Standards

The precise distance sensors in the PNBC series set a new milestone: The displacement sensors precisely measure even the smallest differences, even from great distances. The optics of the laser sensors enable reproducible measurement results. They measure contactlessly and independent of the surface furnish, shape and color of the objects, meaning that the measured values are not influenced by these factors. In addition to the tried-and-tested TCP/IP interface, the EtherCAT industrial Ethernet interface is now also available for recording and further processing the measurement data in real time. PNBC laser displacement sensors are the best in their class, whether for thickness measurement, displacement or distance measurement.
PNBC series measuring laser distance sensors work with a high-resolution CMOS line array. The state-of-the-art analysis method of angle measurement calculates the distance to the object to be measured with micrometer precision. Laser distance sensors are based on the triangulation principle and are ideal for highly accurate measurements of distances of up to 1,000 mm.
PNBC function diagram

PNBC Laser Distance Sensors: Your Benefits at a Glance

Precise distance measurement

  • Accurate object measurement in the micrometer range with triangulation technology
  • Reliable detection of the smallest objects with a reproducibility of 0,3 μm 
  • Measurement results with a linearity deviation of just 0.05%

High performance

  • Large working range from 24 mm to 1,000 mm
  • Maximum output rate of 30 kHz for dynamic applications
  • Thermally stable measured values immediately after start-up
  • Ultra-fast communication with EtherCAT interface

Surface-independent measured values

  • Non-contact and reliable measurement of objects with different shapes and surfaces
  • Consistently high measurement performance with dark or glossy objects and at an extreme angle
  • Special algorithm against speckle effects

Product Highlights of the Laser Distance Sensors

PNBC connection

Fast EtherCAT Interface

  • Switchable between TCP/IP and EtherCAT
  • Analog output with 4…20 mA or 0…10 V
  • Four digital inputs or switching outputs
PNBC connection

Easy Operation

  • Integrated web server for parameterization and diagnostic purposes
  • Highly visible LEDs for status display
  • Calibration report included in the scope of delivery and stored on the web server
PNBC housing

Stable Format

  • Robust aluminum housing
  • High temperature stability with a temperature drift of just 0.005% 
  • Waterproof with IP67 degree of protection
PNBC housing

Precise Optics

  • High-performance lenses with multiple lens system
  • Lenses bonded in the lens for high stability in industrial environments
  • Fine laser dot < 0.15 mm for detecting and measuring the smallest objects 
  • Durable glass optic cover

Real-Time Data Communication down to the Fieldbus Level

There are various options for industrial data communication. With our range of innovative industrial Ethernet products, we were the first sensor manufacturer to make it possible to send process and parameter data from sensors and actuators directly to the controller. This guarantees continuous data communication in real-time right on up to the fieldbus level. With the PNBC series, the data is transmitted via communication channels and connections via Ethernet. Laser triangulation sensors offer advantages with the EtherCAT industrial Ethernet interface. Especially in fast processes and when networking multiple devices.

EtherCAT for Precise and Fast Applications

Thanks to the direct data output, the measured values are available in real time. The web server integrated in the sensors enables worldwide access to the device’s own website for the respective product. Process and parameter data can be accessed quickly and easily without additional software.

  • EtherCAT communication report for real-time data
  • Preventing machine failures through predictive maintenance
  • Simple networking of the distance sensors
EtherCat logo

Applications for All Industries

Presence check

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Thickness measurement

Thickness measurement icon

Diameter control

Diameter control icon

Edge counting

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Positioning icon

Robot positioning

Robot positioning icon

Stacking height monitoring

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Parts measurement

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High-Precision Triangulation Sensors for All Challenges

Measuring the Unwinding and Winding of Films on Rollers

Coated, high-gloss films are used to manufacture batteries. In order to detect their level on winding devices, high-precision laser distance sensors measure the exact distance – regardless of shape, color or surface. In this way, it is precisely determined on the unwinder how much material can still be unwound; on the rewinder, it is determined how much space there is available for material on the roller. The film is wound or unwound at a speed of up to 10 m/s for coating. The measured values are output via Ethernet interface and further processed.

Learn more about the application here.

Tilt Protection for Maintenance Vehicles for Overhead Lines

Overhead lines of rail networks require regular maintenance. Special maintenance vehicles with lifting platforms are used for this purpose. To prevent excessive tilting or unintentional tipping of the vehicle when the work platform is extended, four high-precision laser distance sensors per carriage measure the exact distance from the vehicle to the rail head with precision in the low micrometer range. Equipped with laser class 2, the sensors detect the distance to the track from a protective housing. If a defined tolerance value is exceeded, it is no longer possible to extend the lifting platform. 

Learn more about the application here

High-Precision Product Overview

Laser distance sensors PNBC working range 20-108 mm
Laser distance sensors PNBC working range 90-1000 mm
Product Comparison