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End Position Detection of a Gripper in the Crimping Machine by Miniature Inductive Sensor

In the electrical industry, wires and cables are stripped fully automatically, pressed with an end piece and cut to the correct length. A miniature inductive sensor is used to first check whether the cable is present or not. Then another sensor checks whether the gripping tool for holding the cable is open or not. If it is closed, the cable is fitted with an end sleeve; if it opens and reaches the end position, the sensor sends the signal for the cable to continue along the production line. If the end position is reached in the next work step, the wire is pressed.

Inductive Sensors with Increased Switching Distances

Inductive sensors with increased switching distances offer up to three times the switching distances compared to standard inductive sensors. The integrated weproTec technology ensures fault-free operation of several sensors that are operated directly next to one another.

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