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Continuous Detection of Perforated Objects on Conveyor Lines Using Retro-Reflex Sensors with Light Band

More and more objects with varying shapes, surfaces and structures, such as cardboard boxes, trays, polybags or wire mesh boxes, are moved. In order to avoid damage to the goods or bottlenecks, the perforated objects on the conveyor line must be reliably detected in the correct position at the right time. For this purpose, retro-reflex sensors with light band are attached on the side, which, due to the enlarged detection range, reliably switch even with perforated, translucent surfaces.

Retro-Reflex Sensors with Light Band

Retro-reflex sensors with light band detect objects with variable edges, shapes and sizes. Thanks to the continuous, homogeneous laser light band, the sensor monitors a much larger area than a light barrier with a dot-shaped light spot. The light band can also detect small or translucent parts.

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