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Light Band Sensors for Consistent Edge Detection

With its light band sensor, wenglor has developed a two-dimensional light barrier in order to reliably detect objects with varying shapes or perforated surfaces. Simply pressing the teach-in key is all it takes to reliably detect the position based on the front edge – innovatively simple and without any programming effort.

Functional Principle

Its functional principle permits multifunctional use of the Reflex Array Sensor for object detection.
  • Continuous and homogenous laser light band in three different sizes: 27, 42 and 54 mm
  • Large range of up to 2.5 m
  • Homogeneous laser light band detects the smallest parts from 4 mm
  • Accurate front edge detection of objects regardless of their position on the conveyor belt
  • Sensors with Reflex Array reliably detect transparent, dark and glossy surfaces


The ingenuity in the sensor design lies in the details, in order to be able to flexibly align the bottom edge of the light band to the conveyor belt plane.
  • Space-saving installation in the side panel thanks to the compact and extremely narrow housing with a depth of just 27 mm
  • Flexible mounting options with 180° rotatable plug
  • Various attachment options with M4 through-bolts or M4 press-fit sleeves
  • Specially developed reflectors for additional functional reliability
  • No protruding screws or teach-in key for flush installation

Initial Start-Up

Save time thanks to easy use: intelligent teach-in functions make child’s play of initial sensor start-up.
  • Easy sensor setup by simply pressing the teach-in key
  • Precision at the touch of a button with precision teach-in for the detection of small parts down to 4 mm
  • Dynamic teach-in mode for the suppression of uneven conveyor belt areas
  • External teach-in via the controller with 24 V voltage signal

Advantages of Light Band Sensors at a Glance

Increased Productivity

Avoidance of bottlenecks and jams on conveyor belts thanks to precise position detection

Increased System Availability

Less downtime and maintenance effort due to contamination thanks to the intelligent function for dynamic readjustment of the switching threshold

Flexible Production

Production of a great variety of products on a single production line in manufacturing batch sizes down to 1 thanks to variable object detection

Reduced Costs

Detection of objects with different shapes and sizes using a single sensor­ solution instead of several light barriers or a­ light curtain

Product Overview

Product Comparison