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Decoding of Datamatrix Codes on Engine Blocks Using 1D/2D Code Scanner

Engine manufacturing in the automotive industry requires a visual, fully automated end-of-line quality control at the end of each production line. Before this is carried out by a vision system, a datamatrix code needle punched directly onto the engine block must be scanned at the beginning of the test cell. A 1D/2D code scanner is installed on the side of the cell for this purpose. The 2D code can be used to determine which engine block type it is and which test program must be selected.

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1D/2D Code Scanners

1D/2D code scanners read printed, engraved, etched or directly marked codes at high speeds – regardless of the location, position or condition of the code. Data can be transferred via Industrial Ethernet and settings can be received via the intuitive user interface Weblink.

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