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1D Coding at Manual Workstations Using Stationary Barcode Line Scanners

Barcodes (Code128) must be read at manual workplaces in order to be able to identify components in ongoing assembly processes. A stationary barcode line scanner is used to avoid having to use the handheld scanner regularly, thus saving time. Thanks to the highly visible red CCD line, which is continuously active, the operator intuitively knows how to align the code. A green status LED gives users immediate feedback from the scanner. The code information can be read directly on the graphic display in real time.

Barcode Line Scanners

Barcode line scanners read all types of barcodes. Decoding is confirmed acoustically and visually (LED display). Variants with CCD lines recognize codes on glossy materials – regardless of contrast, condition or type of application. Data is transmitted via a serial or Ethernet interface.

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