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Barcode Line Scanners – Performance Right Down the Line

Barcode line scanners from the BLN range read 1D codes with an extremely high density (>0.075 mm) in static and slow-dynamic applications. Get started without any programming: just connect, align and scan!
Highlights of barcode line scanners


  • Large scanning area of 20…200 mm or 30…520 mm
  • Barcodes can also be read in dynamic applications up to 0.3 m/s
  • Green “Good Read” LED for direct display of the read status
  • OLED display showing the codes that have been read and the settings
  • Ethernet or RS-232 interface
Commissioning the barcode line scanners

Initial Start-Up

  • Simply unpack, connect, align and scan
  • Easy operating concept not requiring the installation of additional software thanks to the graphic display and integrated web server
  • Reliable scan results without additional settings
Benefits of barcode line scanners

Other Advantages

  • CCD line for high read performance
  • Scan rate: 510 scans per second
  • Connection via standard M12 plug with 24 V supply voltage
  • Visible red light for easy alignment
  • Compact design (29 x 60 x 52 mm) for installation in tight spaces
  • Rugged housing design with IP67 protection

Product Overview

Bluetooth Handheld Scanner – Limitlessly Wireless

With a range of 10 m, the versatile wireless Bluetooth handheld scanner CSLH003 is used to scan 1D/2D codes regardless of location. The mobile scanner can perform up to 50,000 scans per battery charge. Successful decoding is shown to the operator via a visual, acoustic and haptic signal.
Wireless box scanning with Bluetooth handheld scanner


  • Reliable decoding of all common 1D/2D codes (including DPM codes)
  • Easy initial start-up: unpack and scan!
  • Bluetooth 5 for low power consumption and increased data throughput and security
  • Induction charging station for efficient charging without metal contacts
  • Housing design without external metal parts and dirt-collecting edges
  • Detergent-resistant and IP65 protection
Product Comparison