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Contactless Temperature Monitoring Ensures Manufacturing Quality

Where the production of components with very high load capacities for the automotive industry is concerned, many machinery manufacturers count on the high levels of accuracy and reliability offered by wenglor sensors, and are thus able to ensure maximized process reliability. Thanks to wenglor’s TIF352U0089 temperature sensor for contactless measurement, important components such as crankshaft dampers, for example, can be hardened in a controlled fashion in high-temperature furnaces despite tremendous heat of up to 350° C. The surface temperature of the crankshaft dampers is checked extremely accurately to this end at both the inlet and the outlet of the furnace, so that all of the components are subjected to identical conditions – with a resolutions of 0.1° C. In particular the principle of contactless temperature measurement combined with extraordinary spectral sensitivity within a range of 8 to 14 µm makes this complex measurement possible, and is thus highly convincing for manufacturers of production systems. “As opposed to many other comparable products, our TIF352U0089 is connected directly to the furnace and doesn’t have to be mounted behind a glass disk. Considerable inaccuracies would otherwise result”, explains wenglor project manager Jens Bußhart. “This assures constant high levels of manufacturing quality despite adverse temperature conditions.”

wenglor Sensors make autonomous driving become reality

The spanish expert for intralogistics ASTI Sistemas revolutionizes autonomous driving of forklift trucks in logistics centres worldwide with the application of WinTec Transit Time Sensors P1KY001 - and therewith shapes the future of logistics decisively. In order to direct the Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) without colliding and to safely load and unload pallet materials, the compact photoelectronic wenglor sensors were integrated into the narrow fork cone ends as well as the metal chassis. The wenglor High-Performance Distance Sensor P1KY001 offers crucial advantages, which totally convinced the customer: On the one hand, the housing format of only 22 x 32 x 12 mm has the perfect size for the integration in the fork cone ends. On the other hand it provides a market-wide unique switching distance from 0 to 1.000 mm in combination with a breathtaking performance on black or glossy plastic surfaces. "Thanks to the world’s smallest transit time sensor from wenglor, automated guided vehicles already became reality. They increase efficiency and safety in huge logistics centres and similarly reduce labor costs", explains the General Manager of wenglor Spain, Xavier Roig. "We’re very proud to be part of this innovation and to once more being able to appear as a pioneer for a whole industry."

wenglor Demonstrates Sensor Expertise in Dovy’s Bonding Line
wenglor Demonstrates Sensor Expertise Across the Board in Dovy’s Automated Bonding Line

Automation is rising to prominence virtually any industry. It gives way to a more efficient working method and ensures consistently high quality. Donald Muylle, managing director of Belgium-based kitchen manufacturers Dovy Keukens, shares the same opinion. The latest result of this conviction is a fully automated bonding line for production of the widely-known laminate panels. However, a great deal of effort was necessary in order to implement this automation project, and large numbers of wenglor sensors had to be installed so that everything can be correctly controlled. wenglor has helped the Belgian company in realizing this difficult automation masterpiece.

wenglor Flow Sensors Provide for Clean Bottles

One of China’s largest manufacturers of industrial cleaning equipment counts on wenglor’s type FFAF029 Flow Sensors for monitoring flow in its systems. In particular the demanding combination of technical features lastingly made wenglor’s product the customer’s number one preferred candidate: ½" process connection, flow velocities of up to 280 cm/s, data outputs, rod lengths of at least 10 mm and many other features are united by the wenglor product into a compact housing, which is positioned directly within the pipe. This extraordinary combination is unparalleled throughout the market. The customer was also convinced by easy installation regardless of flow direction, as well as the comprehensive worldwide support provided by wenglor. The sensors in the industrial washing system for the beverages industry monitor the flow velocity of the cleaning water with which the bottles are cleaned. If the flow rate falls below a specified limit, the sensor precisely regulates the supply of water to the system. “The customer expects quality, precision and top reliability in order to prevent failures, and to assure the implementation of an efficient cleaning process”, says wenglor Sales Director Sam Li, who’s responsible for the Chinese market. “We can fulfill all of these criteria with our Flow Sensors, and we can ensure long-term collaboration as well.”

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