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uniVision for Vision Systems

Simple and complex image processing applications can be solved with uniVision software for vision systems. Predefined projects (templates) for standard applications make it easier for beginners to use the software, and uniVision offers experts individual and finer setting options.

uniVision Software Release 2.6.0

  • Support of BBZK Machine Vision cameras*
Further information on the Machine Vision cameras is available here
uniVision release 2.1 vision systems

uniVision Software Release 2.5.0

  • Performance optimizations and minor bug fixes
uniVision release 2.4

uniVision Software Release 2.4.0

  • VisionSystem2D: New digital cameras with resolutions of 12 MP ensure high-quality images
  • Expansion of visualization: New overlays in the image, as well as static images
  • Digital outputs with output hold time allow easy identification of new results
  • Controlling and timing examples facilitate quick and easy integration of uniVision products into control systems
uniVision release 2.3

uniVision Software Release 2.3.0

  • EtherNet/IP™ interface for control units for flexible, simple and fast integration in the controller
  • Web-based visualization with flexible display of the results directly in the image or profile
uniVision release 2.2

uniVision Software Release 2.2.0

  • PROFINET interface on control units for flexible, quick and easy integration in the controller
  • Save good and bad images for documentation as desired
  • Web-based visualization with flexible display of the results directly in the image
  • Flexible counting of good and bad parts for process monitoring
uniVision release 2.1 vision systems

uniVision Software Release 2.1.0

  • Digital cameras, illumination, lenses, control unit and uniVision as an overall system
  • Configurable standard software for all vision applications
You’ll find a comprehensive overview of our vision systems here.

Overview of Important Downloads

Software uniVision 2.6.0
Software uniVision 2.6.0 (207 MB)

The control unit, the weQube Smart Camera, and the weCat3D smart 2D/3D profile sensors can be installed with uniVision software.
Important information for Windows® 10: this system is supported up to the 2004 version.

Control Unit Firmware 2.6.0
Control Unit Firmware 2.6.0 (324 MB)

The firmware file can be used to extend the control unit’s range of functions. The file also contains bug fixes and performance optimizations.


Additional templates, i.e. predefined projects, are included in the software for standard applications.


Tailored tutorials provide a deep insight into the software and its operation for the various image processing products.

Software Modules

Here you’ll find a detailed overview of all licenses available for the machine vision controller, as well as allocation of the licenses to our uniVision Image and uniVision Image Extended software packages.

License Upgrades

Modular uniVision software can be expanded at any time with the following license upgrade packages.
Product Comparison