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Sensors for the Washdown Area

The sensors for the washdown area are ideal for use in spraying applications in the food, beverage and packaging industries. The high-quality stainless steel 316L housing makes them robust and corrosion-resistant.
Thanks to the high IP69K degree of protection, the sensors can be integrated into and on systems where they can withstand high-pressure cleaning at up to 100 bar and water temperatures of up to 80 °C. The sensors are also ECOLAB certified and therefore resistant to aggressive cleaning agents.
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Photoelectronic Sensors

Photoelectronic Sensors in 2K Miniature Design

  • Stainless steel 316L housing (1.4404/V4A) for high corrosion resistance
  • High thermal resistance
  • Withstands intensive and frequent cleaning – even with high-pressure cleaners up to 100 bar and 80 °C water temperature thanks to IP69K degree of protection
  • High mechanical stability and resistance against shocks and impacts
  • Temperature range from –40 °C for use in deep-freeze warehouses
You can find further information on the 2K miniature design here.
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Photoelectronic sensors use light to detect or count objects contactlessly and to measure distances using light. The high-quality 2K miniature design in stainless steel 316L (1.4404/V4A) is available as a reflex sensor with background suppression, energetic reflex sensor, through-beam sensor, universal retro-reflex sensor and retro-reflex sensor for transparent objects. Depending on the intended use, different types of light, such as blue light, red light or red laser light, are available.

The photoelectronic sensors in 2K format are part of the PNG//smart family. They have an aligned optical axis and offer smart communication via IO-Link and condition monitoring.

You can find further information on the PNG//smart technology here.

The 2K Format in Use – Robust Exterior, Intelligent Interior

Detection of Biscuit Cookies

In the production of biscuit cookies, the objects must be transported and gripped between different processes on multi-lane conveyor belts. Thanks to the stainless steel 316L housing, the sensors are ideal for demanding cleaning processes at high temperatures.

Learn more about the application here.

Leading Edge Detection of Soft Cheese

In the production of soft cheese, the wedge-shaped pieces of cheese are transported to the packing station on conveyor belts. Thanks to the robust stainless steel housing that is resistant to cleaning agents and has IP69K degree of protection, even high-pressure cleaning at up to 80 °C is possible.

Learn more about the application here.

Laser Distance Sensors Time-of-Flight P2PY

  • High-pressure cleaner resistant up to 100 bar and 80 °C water temperature thanks to IP69K protection
  • High mechanical robustness thanks to laser-welded housing
  • Temperature range from −40 °C for use in deep-freeze warehouses
  • Food-safe materials with FDA compliance
  • Resistant to cleaning agents thanks to stainless steel 316L
  • Chemically resistant plastic parts for high chemical resistance 
  • Non-destructive and captive laser labeling for permanent visibility

Laser distance sensors Time-of-Flight with wintec are powerful transit time sensors that work with a red laser. This means that they cover large working ranges and detect objects safely and reliably even from a large distance. 

The latest wintec generation with DS technology delivers precise results up to 10 meters and sets itself apart in particular by the fact that it reliably detects objects regardless of their color or surface condition, such as gloss – even in extreme inclined positions. 

Further information on wintec can be found here. 

wintec in Use – Durable and Robust

Detection of Food

In the further processing and packaging of food, these are recognized and counted in machines and systems that are subject to strict cleaning and disinfection regulations. Thanks to their high chemical resistance and IP69K degree of protection, the sensors are ideally suited for use in systems like these.

Learn more about the application here.

Cheese Block Reject Check

When producing hard cheese, it is important to ensure the exact positioning of the cheese on the conveyor belt. The sensors are able to detect the blocks of cheese in fresh, glossy condition regardless of inclined angles – and also meet the high requirements of the food industry thanks to the cleaning agent-resistant housing. 

Learn more about the application here.

Fork Sensors P1HJ

  • Corrosion-free stainless steel 316L housing in washdown design with ECOLAB
  • Collimated laser beam (0.35 mm diameter over the entire fork width) for detecting even the smallest parts (40 µm)
  • Detection of transparent objects
  • High switching frequency (10 kHz)
  • Teach-in key and external teach-in
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The photoelectronic fork sensors work with a fine laser beam according to the emitter-receiver principle and thus enable reliable detection of objects – even of transparent or very small parts. During installation, the visible red laser light enables easy alignment of the sensor to the object, the emitter and receiver are permanently installed and do not have to be aligned with each other. The flexible fork widths between 50 and 220 mm enable versatile use of the fork sensors.

Fork Sensors in Use – Special Design for Special Challenges

Position Monitoring of Crown Corks

After closing the filled bottles, it must be checked on the running belt whether the crown corks or screw caps have been correctly attached. The fork sensors enable precise detection of transparent objects even at high speeds. Thanks to their IP69K degree of protection and corrosion-resistant stainless steel 316L housing, they are ideal for use in wet areas.

Learn more about the application here.

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2D/3D Profile Sensors

2D/3D Profile Sensor M2SL

  • High profile quality with up to 4,000 profiles/s at up to 1,280 points/profile
  • Robust stainless steel 316L (1.4404/V4A) for high corrosion resistance and resistance to cleaning agents (ECOLAB)
  • Food-safe materials with FDA compliance
  • Degree of protection IP69K for thorough high-pressure cleaning up to 100 bar and 80 °C water temperature
  • Non-destructive and captive laser labeling for permanent visibility
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2D/3D profile sensors from the weCat3D series use the principle of laser triangulation to create 2D height profiles and 3D point clouds. The profile sensors deliver precise and high-quality results with different types of laser light (blue and red) in different laser classes (1M, 2M, 3B and 3R).
Further information on the weCat3D sensor technology can be found here.

The weCat3D sensors in a stainless steel housing enable reliable use of high-precision laser technology in cleaning-intensive areas of application, such as in the food industry. 
Further information on the weCat3D stainless steel series can be found here.
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