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Unit for the Future: wenglor Restructures Its Development

Hardware expertise in 1D, 2D and 3D meets software expertise

One vision, two areas of expertise: In order to bundle synergies even more strongly in the future, sensor and image processing expert wenglor sensoric realigned its internal development centers and business units at the beginning of June. The areas of 2D image processing, 2D/3D sensors, code scanners and software were combined in the wenglorMEL business unit; in return, special photoelectronic and inductive sensors were assigned to the Sensor Technology business unit. The wenglor Group is thus strengthening its two most important core competencies of sensor technology and image processing. It is aiming to reduce the complexity of individual industrial requirements and to offer its customers fully integrated and easy-to-operate all-round systems.

“Now what belongs together is growing together,” says wenglor Managing Director Rafael Baur, who is responsible for the development and research centers at wenglor worldwide. “By combining and expanding the hardware and software department under one roof, particularly in the area of Machine Vision, synergies can now be used before and during the development phases of new products. The close integration of both disciplines has long since arrived on the market – the boundaries are fluid!” In concrete terms, this means: The areas of machine vision software, image processing and Smart Cameras, 1D/2D and barcode scanners as well as 2D/3D sensors are now combined under the wenglorMEL business unit, which was previously only responsible for the 2D/3D sensors. “With Christian Vollrath and his team as real image processing and software experts, wenglorMEL Managing Director Torsten Hellerström is creating a true center of excellence for this massively growing business area,” explains Baur. “With this reorganization, our configurable standard software uniVision will make all 2D/3D hardware components smart. For our customers, this means being able to implement more efficient production systems more quickly and cost-effectively.”
It is not only the field of image processing that has received a structural update, wenglor’s largest sensor technology business unit is also being further expanded and is benefiting from synergies. High-performance sensors that were previously developed at wenglorMEL are now being produced at the main site in Tettnang and further developed under the leadership of Volker Schnell. As part of this move, development capacities will be increased by almost 20 percent – once again a clear commitment to the region and the company headquarters. “Both units – both sensor technology and image processing – will be strengthened by the new organization and areas of expertise will be bundled together,” summarizes Rafael Baur. “We look forward to moving forward with these two teams and delivering many innovations with two strong centers of excellence.”


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