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Fill Level Check by Ultrasonic Distance Sensors with IO-Link on Vibratory Bowl Feeders

To reliably replenish the supply of screws, rivets or bolts in vibratory bowl feeders, the fill level must be constantly monitored. The vibration of the container separates the objects down a spiral chute and transports them away which depletes the supply in the feeder. The fill level is monitored by an ultrasonic distance sensor with IO-Link. This sensor delivers two digital switch signals regardless of the material. The switching points are set via IO-Link. The operator is therefore informed of the fill level at two stages: if the container is well filled or if it is almost empty.

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Ultrasonic Distance Sensors

Distance sensors are suitable for the detection, differentiation and measurement of objects by means of ultrasound. Different operating modes, such as synchronous, multiplex or through beam mode, can be set via the display or centrally via IO-Link, and different output variants and designs enable a wide range of possible applications.

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