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081-154-202 Glass Fiber-Optic Cable Reflex Mode

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Glass fiber optic cables are very flexible and can be used in applications with less space. Especially in applications with hot environment the metal casing fiber optic cables are the answer.

Optical Data

Fiber Bundle Diameter 0.8 mm
Range with Sensor Type U_88__ 40 mm
Range with Sensor Type U_66__ 20 mm
Range with Sensor Type U_55__ 10 mm
Opening Angle 68 °
Fiber Step Index
Fiber Diameter 50 µm
Fiber Distribution statistical mixture

Mechanical Data

Temperature Range -25 ... 80 °C
Bending Radius 21 mm
Fiber-Optic Length L 0.5 m
Jacket Material PVC
Fiber Optic Material Glass
Material End Sleeve Aluminum
End Sleeve No. 54
Light Emission straight
Weight 10 g
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