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Roller Shutter Monitoring at Dock Levelers with Energetic Reflex Sensors

For the efficient loading and unloading of trucks in large logistics centers, loading gates are used as a connection between trucks and buildings in combination with height-adjustable loading ramps. To ensure that the gate is not damaged when closed, the height of the ramp may only be changed when the door is open. In order to be able to detect the height of the roller shutter, an energetic reflex sensor is installed in the guide bolster in the metric housing at the height of the maximum lifting height of the ramp. If the sensor is switched, the bridge cannot be operated, which protects the door.

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Energetic Reflex Sensors

Reflex sensors check objects for presence, check stack heights or perform counting tasks. They are used when objects need to be detected without a defined background. For this purpose, they use red light or infrared light according to the energy principle.

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