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Product Highlights

Machine Vision software is used to set up and evaluate smart cameras, image processing systems and 2D/3D sensors. This page provides an overview of the product highlights of the machine vision software.

uniVision 2

Everything in a Single Software Package

uniVision 2 is the parameterizable standard software for smart cameras and vision sensors from the B50 series, for vision systems, for smart 2D/3D profile sensors and for 2D/3D profile sensors with machine vision controllers. It enables the evaluation of images and height profiles in vision systems with up to 16 devices – easily, flexibly and without programming knowledge. Intelligent image processing – one software for all 2D and 3D applications!

VisionApp 360

The VisionApp 360 software ensures full 360° profile detection when using up to 16 2D/3D profile sensors. The sensors can be synchronized and calibrated with freely selectable arrangement and format by simple parametrization. The measured values are output via a TCP or GigE interface.

VisionApp Demo 3D

The free VisionApp Demo 3D software enables the display of measurement data from 2D/3D profile sensors and 3D sensors. The data is displayed as point clouds which can be saved, loaded and transferred. Users configure their sensors via the intuitive software interface.

Product Comparison