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Laser Sensors for Distance Measurement

Laser distance sensors measure the distance to an object using laser beams according to the transit time measurement or triangulation principle. They offer high accuracy and are independent of the object’s color and surface finish.

P3 Laser Distance Sensors Triangulation

Laser Precision with Smart Operating Concept

The innovative laser distance sensors from the P3 series work according to the triangulation principle and deliver precise measurement results over distances of up to 1,000 mm. The built-in Bluetooth interface enables mobile parametrization and data transfer. The laser sensors are used to perform high-precision measurements. A built-in display shows real-time measurement data, meaning that results can be checked quickly. The triangulation sensors are characterized by their intuitive operating concept, high-quality aluminum housing and TripleA technology. They come in two versions – blue or red laser – depending on the requirements and intended use.


Laser Distance Sensors Triangulation PNBC

Real-Time Measurement in the Micrometer Range

PNBC sensors are equipped with a high-resolution CMOS line and work according to the triangulation principle. With their high measuring accuracy in the micrometer range, small objects are measured over a long distance of up to 1,000 mm. PNBC sensors can be used for high-speed applications up to 30 kHz. The sensors feature a proven TCP/IP interface, as well as the Industrial Ethernet interface EtherCAT for collecting and processing measurement data in real time.

Laser Distance Sensors Time of Flight der wintec.

Precision over Distances of up to 10,000 mm

wintec sensors work according to the transit time principle. The sensors feature a large working range of up to 10,000 mm and, thanks to the built-in DS technology, offer very high ambient light resistance, performance, interference immunity and robustness. The sensors can detect objects regardless of color, gloss, surface structure and inclination angle. wintec is available in plastic or 316L stainless steel housing.

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