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Industrial RFID Readers for Smart Identification Solutions

The new industrial RFID readers offer a quick and reliable identification solution at close range – even in challenging process environments thanks to a high degree of protection and temperature resistance. Thanks to an IO-Link interface, parameters can be changed easily and process data can be transmitted efficiently. 

Industrial RFID Technology for Modern Manufacturing

Industrial RFID systems enable non-visual communication between an RFID reader and an RFID transponder. For this purpose, the RFID reader, which acts as both a write and read device simultaneously, first emits an electromagnetic field. This is received by a transponder which adapts the information. The returned signal is interpreted by the RFID reader and the information contained in the signal is processed. Thanks to a high degree of protection and temperature resistance, RFID systems also enable identification solutions in challenging process environments. All-round visible LEDs and additional alarm configuration options increase process reliability. Thanks to the integrated IO-Link interface, parameters can be quickly modified and saved.  
Invisible communication between an RFID reader and an RFID transponder via an electromagnetic field.

Highlights of Products with Industrial RFID Technology

Industrial RFID reader writes data to a transponder and reads it out.

High Functionality and Flexibility

  • Reading, comparing and writing data for close range applications from 35 to 78 mm
  • Parameterization of the RSSI value for secure data transfer
  • Configuration of alarm modes for high process reliability
  • User-friendly visualization thanks to LED displays visible all round
Reliable communication between RFID reader and transponder despite contamination.

Robust format for reliable identification

  • High degree of protection up to IP69K for use of RFID readers regardless of contamination and liquids 
  • High temperature resistance of RFID readers for reliable use in the temperature range of –25 to +80 °C
Smart communication via IO-Link between RFID reader and analysis module.

Smart Communication of Values and Data

  • Simple operation through parameterization via IO-Link
  • High data transfer speed when writing and reading transponders
  • Clear assignment of data for reliable identification solutions

Identification Solutions with Industrial RFID Systems

RFID Detection and Control of Workpiece Carriers

RFID detection and control of workpiece carriers.
In special machine construction, workpiece carriers pass through various processes in one system. RFID readers are installed at several points in the system so that the workpiece carriers are reliably detected and identified at each station. The transponder attached to the workpiece carrier is recorded and read by the reader and can be provided with new data for controlling subsequent processes.

Track & Trace in the Food Industry with RFID

Track & trace in the food industry with RFID readers.
In the food industry, traceability of products must be ensured at every stage of manufacturing and processing. RFID transponders attached to the food trays are written with data by the RFID readers and read out to ensure traceability at all times.

Product Comparison