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Product Highlights of Machine Vision Illumination Technology

Illumination is a crucial component in the 2D machine vision lighting and code reading industry. It is the key to having robust and well-contrasted pictures for image processing. Vision Lights are used for Machine Vision, industrial automation, robotics, and identification applications – manufactured by wenglor.

Bar Lights

Flood Areas with Powerful Illumination

Bar lights are a versatile illumination that can be utilised in many lighting conditions. wenglor LED bar lights are a linear array of LEDs with excellent brightness and homogeneity balance across many situations, such as creating a dark field effect to illuminate shiny parts or to create a brightfield effect to flood an area with powerful illumination. Various sizes, colors, illumination angles and diffusion options are available.

Flat Lights

Create Illuminated Areas with Flat Lights / Back Lights

This category of illumination contains highly homogeneous area lights, typically used but not limited to backlighting. Backlights (or flat lights) are often used to create silhouettes around components to generate robust black-on-white contrast. They can also be used to work closely to samples as a highly diffuse direct LED illumination – meaning they can be a powerful tool for illuminating reflective surfaces.

Ring Lights

High-Intensity Brightfield Effect for Images

Ring illuminations are constructed of a circular array of LEDs. Ring lights are normally positioned around a machine vision camera’s optical axis, giving the image a high-intensity brightfield effect. wenglor has a range of ring light products comprising of many colors, suitable for homogeneously illuminating at both large and small working distances.

Domes and Dome Lights

Inspection of Uneven Surfaces, Metals and Shiny Parts

Dome light illumination is excellent for the inspection of uneven surfaces. The highly diffuse lighting from a dome light is also excellent for the inspection of metals and shiny parts. wenglor dome lights use some novel features such as hole aperture adapters to assist with complex feature inspection.

Flat Dome Lights

Homogeneously Illuminate Large Areas

Flat dome lights are most often used as top lights or area lighting to homogeneously illuminate large areas. The name comes from the lighting effect being similar to a traditional dome light but created over a larger field of view. The housing is constructed like an LED flat light (or back light) with a camera hole in the centre. Flat domes are typically used at double the size of the field of view to perfectly illuminate many types of surfaces.

Product Comparison