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Presence Check of Suitcases with Long-Range Laser Distance Sensor

After being handed in at the airport luggage check-in counter, suitcases and bags are placed in plastic trays for further transport and transported via conveyor technology. This makes handling and identification of the objects easier. Before new suitcases are placed in the containers, it is important to ensure that the trays are properly emptied. Long-range laser distance sensors installed on the side reliably detect all types of bags and suitcases in all different colors with their laser beam. Thanks to wintec technology, even black or glossy objects can be reliably detected at inclined angles.

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Long-Range Laser Distance Sensors

Long-range laser distance sensors work according to the principle of transit time measurement, which means that they cover large working ranges, so that objects can be reliably detected even at great distances. The emitted light can be switched off for these sensors, which eliminates temperature drift.

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