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Position Sensing of Material on Lathes with Reflex Sensors with Background Suppression

In CNC lathes, raw material is fixed in clamping devices. Before the machining process begins, it must therefore be ensured that the workpiece is in the correct position. If it is clamped incorrectly, has slipped or is not present, the machining process does not start. For this purpose, a reflex sensor with background suppression is installed on the side of the machining center, which detects the workpiece precisely with laser light. The robust stainless steel 316L housing (IP69K degree of protection) is resistant to aggressive coolants, lubricants or metal shavings.

Reflex Sensors With Background Suppression

Reflex sensors with background suppression detect and measure objects contactlessly and detect them in front of any defined background. They work with red light, infrared light, blue light or laser light. Thanks to the principle of angle measurement, the color, shape and object surface have no influence on the switching behavior of the sensors.

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