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PNG//smart generation sensors are at home in a wide range of sectors and industries. They help to optimize processes, make systems smarter and make entire productions even more efficient. The PNG//smart sensors have numerous features that are advantageous for any industrial use.
Automotive industry icon gray


Particularly in robot applications, the automotive industry benefits from the low weight of PNG//smart sensors, universal formats and consistent availability in laser class 1. Protective housings can also prevent damage from weld spatter. Reliable detection of black and glossy objects is just as advantageous in this industry as high precision object detection via fine laser light beams. PNG//smart sensors meet these requirements perfectly.
PNG//smart automotive sector 3

Detection of Shiny Metal Parts

PNG//smart automotive sector 5

Detection of Glossy Rims

PNG//smart automotive sector 7

Ejection Control on a Punch Machine

Electronics industry icon gray


The PNG//smart series line sensors are particularly suitable for the detection of objects with punched or perforated surfaces, such as PCBs. The high precision thanks to the aligned optical axes, the detection of dark and shiny objects with blue light and the avoidance of reciprocal influence in confined spaces make the PNG//smart sensors the ideal product for this industry.
PNG//smart electrical industry sector 1

Continuous Detection of PCBs with Perforations

PNG//smart electrical industry sector 1

Stacking Height Control of Semiconductors

Beverages industry icon gray


The high protection class IP67/IP68 makes the PNG//smart sensors ideally suited for the wet environments of the beverage industry. Precise detection of transparent PET and glass bottles, as well as high-speed films, is another advantage of this product range in the industry. Ambient conditions can also be compensated for by dynamic readjustment of the switching threshold – a major advantage for this industry.
PNG//smart beverages industry sector 1

Detection of Transparent Bottles

PNG//smart beverages industry sector 1

Detection of Foil-Wrapped Packaging

PNG//smart beverages industry sector 2

Detection of Beverage Crates on a Conveyor System

Wood industry icon gray


The robust housings of PNG//smart sensors ensure perfect stability in the harsh environment of the wood industry. Thanks to the condition monitoring diagnostic function via IO-Link and the dust extraction tube, the dusty and dirty work environments can be completely controlled. This industry also benefits from the long ranges and functional reserve of the sensors, which are also designed for the detection of dark and wet surfaces.
PNG//smart wood industry sector 2

Presence Check in the Material Supply

PNG//smart wood industry sector 2

Positioning of Wooden Planks

PNG//smart woodindustry sector 3

Detection of Decorative Boards

Logistics icon gray


PNG//smart sensors offer numerous advantages for the logistics industry: High speeds, long ranges, low black/white deviations, e.g. in storage boxes, no reciprocal influence of the sensors in tight spaces and low energy consumption. In addition, the parameterization of the sensors in de-energized state via NFC as well as the precisely aligned optics are further advantages of this product generation.
PNG//smart logistics sector 1

Collision Protection in Driverless Transport Systems (AGVs)

PNG//smart logistics sector 1

Object Detection in Conveyor Systems

PNG//smart logistics sector 3

Protrusion Check in High-Bay Warehouses

PNG//smart logistics sector 3

Location Occupied Check in Driverless Transport Systems (AGVs)

Pharmaceuticals industry icon gray


The PNG//smart series is perfect for use in the pharmaceuticals industry thanks to its ability to detect transparent refillable pens and vials, tiny parts such as syringes, needles or cannulae with precise laser sensors. Stack heights of blister packaging can also be measured at high speeds via IO-Link.
PNG//smart pharmaceuticals industry sector 1

Stack Height of Blister Packaging

PNG//smart pharmaceuticals industry sector 1

Supply Control for Cannulae

PNG//smart pharmaceuticals industry sector 3

Checking the Contents of the Packaging

PNG//smart pharmaceuticals industry sector 3

Detection of Transparent Vials

Packaging industry icon gray


PNG//smart sensors enable automatic product and batch changes via IO-Link 1.1. The detection of transparent and glossy films at high speeds is one of the strengths of this product series. Thanks to the background suppression, the sensors also detect irregular objects regardless of their color, shape and surface.
PNG//smart packaging sector 1

Detection of Packaging Boxes

PNG//smart packaging sector 1

Detection of Trays on Conveyor Belts

PNG//smart packaging sector 3

Stack Height Measurement of Packaging

PNG//smart packaging sector 3

Object Detection in a Supply Line

PNG//smart packaging sector 5

Detection of Shiny Packaging

PNG//smart packaging sector 7

Monitoring the Joining of Packaging

PNG//smart packaging sector 7

Object Detection on Stretch Packaging Machines

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