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Machine Vision

In the field of machine vision, wenglor offers outstanding quality for the highest demands in industrial image processing. From smart camera systems such as smart cameras, vision sensors and machine vision cameras to 1D/2D code readers, 2D/3D profile sensors and high-precision 3D sensors to modular machine vision software solutions – the comprehensive portfolio offers the right solution for all types of factory automation. Users benefit in particular from the integrated ecosystem, where all image processing components work together optimally and can be intuitively combined.

Machine Vision Software

Central Ecosystem for All Machine Vision Devices

Machine vision software is used for setting up and evaluating smart cameras, image processing systems, 2D/3D profile sensors and 3D sensors. It also enables adjustment and maintenance work to be carried out regardless of location.

Machine Vision Controllers

Analysis Modules for High-Performance Vision Systems

Machine Vision Controllers are powerful analysis modules for central processing and output of results for various Machine Vision devices. They allow up to 16 instruments to be connected and displayed at the same time. 

Machine Vision Cameras

Cameras for 2D Image Processing in Vision Systems

Machine Vision Cameras deliver high image quality in a compact housing format. High-resolution images are possible thanks to various image chips with Global Shutter or Rolling Shutter.

2D/3D Profile Sensors

weCat3D for Height Profiles

2D/3D profile sensors measure objects 360° all the way around, precisely control the positions of robots and inspect surfaces accurate to the exact micrometer. The advantages of wenglor sensors: performance and diversity. This allows 3D measurement tasks to be recorded and transferred precisely, efficiently and reliably.

3D Sensors

Excellence in Shape.

3D sensors perform three-dimensional completeness, dimensional accuracy and surface checks. They enable robots to be controlled, e.g. for pick and place or bin picking applications. 3D sensors project structured light patterns, which are recorded and digitized as 3D point clouds by a camera.

Smart Cameras and Vision Sensors

Smart Camera Solutions for Industrial Image Processing

Smart cameras and vision sensors solve a wide range of industrial image processing tasks in real time. The highly modular hardware platforms in combination with high-performance Machine Vision software enable tailored adjustment for all Machine Vision applications.

Illumination Technology

Lighting Up Machine Vision

Illumination technology is a key component in image processing applications to produce well-lit and high-contrast images. The portfolio consists of a combination of LED technologies, lenses, housing shapes and diffusers. A wide range of applications can be covered under different ambient conditions thanks to different designs, sizes and light types.

1D/2D and Barcode Scanners

1D/2D and barcode scanner range

Just Scan It.

Scanners read all 1D and 2D codes with different types of light. The light arriving at and returning from the code is reflected to varying degrees on a specific receiving element, decoded electronically, and evaluated.

Product Comparison