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Length Measurement of Logs with Light Curtains for Measuring Tasks

In the wood industry, the length of logs must be determined during transport. For this purpose, light curtains for measuring tasks are attached to the conveyor belts, which detect the entire cross-section of the log and thus switch as soon as the front edge interrupts the beams of light. The signal ends when the trailing edge is reached. Since the logs are cut differently, it is important to cover the entire area. The length of the log in meters can then be calculated from the duration of the switching signal in combination with the speed of the conveyor belt.

Light Curtains for Measuring Tasks

Light curtains for measuring tasks detect and measure objects with infrared light according to the through-beam mode. The emitter and receiver are enclosed in separate housings and are available with different measuring field heights and beam distances. If the light beams are interrupted during a protrusion or height check, the sensor is switched.

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