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Leading Edge Detection of Soft Cheese with Through-Beam Sensors

In the production of soft cheese, the wedge-shaped pieces of cheese are transported to the packing station on conveyor belts. In order to trigger the packaging process on a special bagging machine, to monitor the distance between the objects and to prevent jamming, the front edges of the cheese pieces must be reliably detected. For this purpose, a through-beam sensor is installed on the side in the stainless steel 316L housing with opposite receiver. Thanks to the cleaning agent-resistant and robust stainless steel housing with IP69K degree of protection, even high-pressure cleaning at up to 80 °C is possible.

Through-Beam Sensors

Through-beam sensors detect and count small parts, detect the edges of objects and monitor passages in systems. The emitter and receiver are housed in separate housings according to the through-beam mode. The sensor switches as soon as an object interrupts the laser light, red light or infrared light.

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