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Illumination of Key Blanks Using Flat Light for Pick-and-Place Applications

When manufacturing keys, the prefabricated blanks must be separated, gripped and placed in the correct position. First, the blanks move over a vibrating spiral conveyor on a transparent disk. There, a camera-based image processing system creates an image of the blanks to determine the exact position. During recording, an infrared backlight (shown with magenta light) is used to highlight the contour of the keys. Finally, a robot arm grips the detected key for further processing.

Flat Lights

This category of illumination contains highly homogeneous area lights, typically used but not limited to backlighting. Backlights generate robust black-on-white contrast (silhouettes) – even on reflective surfaces. They can also be used to work closely to samples as a highly diffuse direct LED illumination. wenglor flat lights are available in many sizes with excellent brightness for ensuring high contrast.

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