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Illumination of Internal Seals in Plastic Caps via Dome Lighting for Inspection

Plastic caps for beverage bottles must be inspected for injection molding defects inside before use. A smart camera and dome lighting with hole cover adapters are installed above the conveyor line for this purpose. Illumination with white and infrared light creates uniform, homogenous and full-depth lighting to provide sufficient contrast to details such as seals inside the closures. Short exposure cycles and high line speeds are possible thanks to the outstanding brightness.

Dome Lights

Dome lights are classically referred to as ‘cloudy day illumination’. It describes the lighting type that is a highly homogeneous and diffuse LED lighting that can eliminate shadows in the images. This means the illumination is excellent for the inspection of uneven surfaces. The highly diffuse lighting from a dome light is also suitable for the inspection of metals and shiny parts. wenglor dome lights use some novel features to assist with complex feature inspection.

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