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HALCON Scripting

With the uniVision Script license package, HALCON scripts created in MVTec’s HDevelop software can be downloaded easily into the HALCON Script module of the uniVision 3 software and run directly – thanks to the pre-installed HDevEngine. Discover the great world of parametrization and programming in the uniVision ecosystem with built-in interfaces and web-based visualization with us!

Parametrization and Programming in wenglor uniVision 3

Simple Parametrization via Ready-Made Modules

uniVision software enables intuitive and quick parametrization of a wide range of machine vision devices. Users can load templates to quickly resolve simple standard applications such as code reading, presence checks or pattern matching with just a few adjustments.
The extensive uniVision toolbox modules can also be used multiple times in the job and combined flexibly. Modules are available for numerous traditional image processing tasks, such as the measuring, region, filter and blob and threshold analysis modules.

Programming in HDevelop with HALCON Scripts

In addition to parametrization, wenglor uniVision 3 software also enables the loading of HALCON scripts created in MVTec’s HDevelop software. It successfully combines the best of both worlds – parametrization and programming. Users are therefore not limited to the functions of the uniVision toolbox, but have access to the extensive functions of the established HALCON image processing library for complex applications. This openness of the uniVision ecosystem creates the necessary flexibility required by the dynamic demands in image processing projects.

Benefits of HALCON Scripting

Seamless Integration into the uniVision Ecosystem

The HALCON Script module is integrated seamlessly into the uniVision toolbox. This enables flexible data exchange between all uniVision parametrization modules and the HALCON Script module. All relevant HALCON data types can be exchanged:
  • Iconic variables (images, regions, XLDs)
  • Control variables (integer, real, string)
Results can be read out directly and flexibly via the built-in interfaces, such as digital IOs, PROFINET or EtherNet/IP.
All relevant results can be displayed individually and flexibly at a glance in the web-based visualization – even directly as overlays in the image.

Directly Usable Hardware with Pre-installed HDevEngine

The HDevEngine is pre-installed on uniVision devices and the HALCON runtime license is already available for devices with the uniVision Script license package. This means that the hardware is immediately ready for loading HALCON scripts and the focus can be placed on software-based application solution right away. With the current HALCON Steady version 22.11., uniVision devices are equipped with extensive functions.

Flexibility Through HALCON Scripting

HALCON data such as contour models can be stored flexibly and permanently in the HALCON dictionary. This enables quick and easy exchange of uniVision jobs between different uniVision devices and platforms.
The know-how in HALCON scripts can be password-protected against unwanted access and script running can even be linked to specific uniVision devices to prevent unwanted duplication by an individual licensing solution.
Numerous HALCON examples show how easy it is to integrate HALCON scripts into the uniVision ecosystem.

Workflow for Creating a HALCON Script

1. Record Teach+ + file with real data

1. Record Teach+ + file with real data

Example data such as pass and fail images are recorded easily and conveniently as a Teach+ file and stored in a uniVision job.

2. Create HALCON script in HDevelop

2. Create HALCON script in HDevelop

A procedure in the HALCON example scripts enables data to be read out easily from the Teach+ file. The HALCON script can thus be created directly with the data and also tested.

3. Load HALCON script into uniVision 3 software

3. Load HALCON script into uniVision 3 software

The HALCON script is simply loaded into the uniVision module and the required inputs are linked. The script can then be run on the uniVision device.


Easy-to-understand and entertaining tutorials support users with the setup and operation of their machine vision application. Specific training videos for creating and integrating HALCON scripts are available, along with general tutorials on wenglor uniVision 3.

Compatible Hardware

The uniVision 3 machine vision software runs on the following wenglor image processing products.

Smart Cameras B60

Product Comparison