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Fill-level Measurement of Potato Chip Rejects with Ultrasonic Distance Sensor

Leftovers are created during the production of potato chips. These rejects are transported to a waste container along a feed screw. There are four flaps to ensure that the container is filled evenly. Ultrasonic distance sensors with analog output are installed next to the flaps and are used to check the fill level of the container. When the mound of rejected potato chip reaches the maximum height, the sensor switches and the flap is closed. The next flap then opens. Dust and damp surfaces have no impact on the switching behavior of the sensors in the M30 housing.

Distance Sensors

Distance sensors are suitable for the detection, differentiation and measurement of objects by means of ultrasound. Different operating modes, such as synchronous, multiplex or through beam mode, can be set via the display or centrally via IO-Link, and different output variants and designs enable a wide range of possible applications.

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