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Ejection Check of Open-End Wrenches on Chutes Using Retro-Reflex Sensors

In the production of open-end wrenches, it must be ensured that the reflective objects are quickly and safely removed from the machine after production in order to avoid bottleneck. For this purpose, the wrenches are guided out of the conveyor via a chute, with a retro-reflex sensor installed on the side at the end of the line. The high switching frequency red light sensor uses a hole in the side wall to check the presence of the wrenches, which always pass the same point. Thanks to the single-lens optics, the sensor can be mounted directly on the side wall.

Universal Retro-Reflex Sensors

Universal retro-reflex sensors are suitable for the detection of glossy, chrome-plated or reflective surfaces thanks to the polarization filter. They work with red light or laser light. Objects are detected by interrupting the light beam between the sensor and the reflector.

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