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Dynamic Pressure Monitoring of Vials with Retro-Reflex Sensors for Transparent Objects

Before filling and packaging in the pharmaceuticals industry, vials must be counted and their exact number and position monitored on an infeed conveyor. A retro-reflex sensor for transparent objects is mounted transversely to the side wall for this so-called dynamic pressure monitoring. If the sensor detects a jam, it regulates the belt speed so that no further vials are conveyed. Once the bottleneck is cleared, the normal quantity of vials is conveyed again.

Retro-Reflex Sensors for Transparent Objects

In addition to detecting glossy, chrome-plated or reflective surfaces, retro-reflex sensors for transparent objects also detect and count transparent objects such as glass or film using red light. Objects are detected by interrupting the light beam between the sensor and the reflector.

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