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Diffuse Illumination for Robot-Guided Quality Inspection of Car Dashboards

When assembling car fittings, components must be checked for presence and position by a camera-based system. Bar lights installed on a cobot enable the camera to reliably detect curved areas as well as different materials and colors such as chrome or black in a single operation. Measuring 12.5 cm in length, the lights are short and light enough to be mounted directly on the robot. The diffused white light on both sides of the camera ensures homogeneous and soft illumination even at different distances.

Bar Lights

Illumination is a crucial component in the 2D machinevision illumination and code reading industry. It is the key to having robust and well-contrasted pictures for image processing. Machine vision lighting is constructed of LEDs, optics and diffusors. It can come in several housings and sizes to suit a variety of applications and environments, such as illuminating large fields of view or shiny surfaces.

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