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Clamping Depth Check on Pipe Connections for Passenger Car Air Conditioning Systems with 2D/3D Profile Sensor

In the production of passenger car air conditioning systems in the automotive industry, pipes are connected with clamp connections. To ensure that the system is leak-tight, the clamping depth of the pipe flange must be measured. A 2D/3D profile sensor is mounted on the side of the clamping device for this purpose, which measures the deepest point of the pressed connector at three defined points with micrometer accuracy. To carry out this measurement, the sensor rotates 270° around the tube. The height profiles are then evaluated using uniVision image processing software and the ovality and movement of the X axis are also checked.

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MLSL 2D/3D Profile Sensors

2D/3D profile sensors from the weCat3D series use the principle of laser triangulation to create 2D height profiles and 3D point clouds. The MLSL model provides accurate resolution in a compact housing design.

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