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Absence Check of Labels on Packages Using Line Scan Camera with Bar Light and Angle Changers

When labeling cartons in intralogistics, the position of the labels must be recorded after the gluing process. The bottom of the carton can only be checked between the roll units using a line camera and must not have a label there. In order to cleanly illuminate the object over the entire width of the track, a bar light with red light and an angle changer is mounted on the side. This creates an even distribution of light over the entire width of the row. High track speeds, high depth of focus and high line frequencies are possible thanks to the enormous luminosity.

Bar Lights

Illumination is a crucial component in the 2D machinevision illumination and code reading industry. It is the key to having robust and well-contrasted pictures for image processing. Machine vision lighting is constructed of LEDs, optics and diffusors. It can come in several housings and sizes to suit a variety of applications and environments, such as illuminating large fields of view or shiny surfaces.

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