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Application Control of Luminescent Glues in Furniture Production with Luminescence Sensors

In the production of wooden furniture, the individual components are glued with one another. To ensure a stable splice, the correct application of the glue must be monitored. Since the glue must not be visible on the end product, it must be transparent. In order to be able to still detect the glue, the glue is mixed with luminophores that are only visible with UV light. A luminescence sensor detects the continuous glue trace directly after the glue has been applied by the dispenser, thus ensuring the quality of the furniture.

Luminescence Sensors

Luminescence sensors emit UV light at a certain wavelength. If the emitted light strikes a luminescent object, it reflects within a visible wavelength range in accordance with the luminescent substance mounted. The sensors use this effect to make markings on labels visible, for example.

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